An incomplete list

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

The joy of seeing what you’ve done

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

On reentering a space of creativity after a lengthy drought.

Photo by RetroSupply on Unsplash

Two beloved parents, gone too soon.

“Keith and Donna,” oil painting by Susan Dutton.

Is there a such a thing as TOO remote?

A view from Cypress Island. (photo by the author)

…maybe your problems aren’t about square footage.

Photo by Ksenia Balandina on Unsplash

Some dreams are not meant to be.

Photo by Maja R. on Unsplash

You don’t need a poisoned monoculture to have pretty green space

Our back yard. (photo, and fresh mowing, by me)

Beyond, of course, the obvious

Photo by Jennifer Griffin on Unsplash

Airing a pet peeve that actually says a lot

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Shannon Page

Writer, editor, thinker of things, living on Orcas Island, Washington state.

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