POCKETS. We Want Them.

Why Is This So Hard?

Shannon Page


Photo by Julian Santa Ana on Unsplash

I have this zip-up hoodie sweatshirt that I love so much, I wear it nearly every day.

I love it because it’s comfortable — warm and soft, but also lightweight; I love it because it’s black, and therefore goes with everything else in my wardrobe; I love it because it’s just the right size, fitting me without squeezing my shoulders, and covering and disguising my poochy belly. (Shut up. It totally hides my belly.)

But mostly I love it because it has nice, functional pockets. Pockets big enough to hold the important things: my cell phone goes in the left one; my reading glasses go in the right. Even though I work at home, I need these items with me at all times. If I leave the cell phone in the other room even for a minute, that’s when it will ring; and I am completely helpless without my glasses.

I bought this sweatshirt five or six years ago. It’s held up remarkably well, for a garment that gets worn, oh, say, three hundred (or even three hundred and fifty) out of three hundred and sixty-five days a year…but it’s showing its age. The sleeves are fraying a bit, and the already-thin fabric is getting noticeably thinner. I probably don’t wash it as often as I should, because a) I’m WEARING it here, but also b) every journey through the ole washer and dryer erodes more precious bits of any garment’s essence. It was downright shiny after its last laundering.

Photo by Luve Christian on Unsplash

So, I recently faced the inevitable and started looking for a replacement.

Of course, I can’t just get another of the same hoodie — they don’t make them anymore. I looked. It’s always the case with the perfect garments: the flip-flops that were both elegant and comfy; that one pair of green jeans that fit just right; cheap but wonderful cashmere sweaters at Costco…if you find something you like, you better buy a dozen right then, because you’re never going to see it again.

Because I live on an island far from Big Retail (or even very many Small Retail) stores, I shop online a lot.

I started my search for a replacement Perfect Hoodie With Functional Pockets at…



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